A Conversation Between 2 Mom Friends, as told by Nickie and Amber.

“Mothers and their children are in a category all their own. There’s no bond so strong in the entire world. No love so instantaneous or forgiving.”

-Gail Tsukiyama

Nickie: Being a mom was definitely not something that was on the top of my priority list. I don’t think anyone ever would have said, “Oh, she’s born to be a mom.” I never have been one to jump at holding a baby, or have the neighborhood kids flock to me. So when I became pregnant 12 years ago (holy smokes) I can honestly say, I’ve never been so terrified. My whole world was changing. I just felt so unprepared. 12 years later, and 3 kids in, I now know, becoming a mom saved me.

Amber: Same. I actually was the 20 something girl who went on record to say, “I’m NEVER having kids. Like EVER.” Getting pregnant 6 years ago, I was scared. And overwhelmed. Me? A mom? Some little baby would be relying on me to keep them alive. That sentence still makes me laugh now the mom of 3 kids!

A: Actually...


Finding My Balance With Self Care

March 8th.

The date I had been dreading since losing my mom in September.

March 8th would have been her 60th birthday and my first without her.

My battle with grief is actually pretty comparable to most journeys in life, including motherhood. Some days are full of small victories, some days seem like too much to bear, while others seem to have a reassuring rhythm that rolls right into the next one. Sadly, after losing my mom, I poured myself into taking care of my daughter and completely neglected myself.

On January 1st, I knew I was ready to make some changes. My tightening pants were proof that eating and drinking my feelings wasn’t my best look. Changes in my diet came first, gone were the bacon cheeseburgers- hello to all the veggies and lean protein. Gone was the nightly ice cold glass(es) of Sauvignon Blanc- hello to water. So. Much. Water. Okay confession: I (obviously) still drink wine, just not *quite* nearly as frequently as I would...


Accountability..... My Archenemy

Why is showing up is the hardest part? I always see inspirational quotes stating “You Never Regret A Workout” or something along those lines. And, I honestly can say that’s true, for me. But forcing myself to get to that workout, that’s a whole other story. I can come up with 8,000 excuses why I can’t or shouldn’t lace up my shoes. The kids are sleeping in, the roads look a little icy, that tickle in the back of my throat could be strep or pneumonia or the bubonic plague, for that matter. Seriously, the more excuses I come up with the more outlandish they become. And it’s the same story for any type of workout. Whether I have to get in the car & pack up the kids to get there or I just have to walk out my front door, leaving the kids behind, for a nice quiet run.

I’ve convinced myself that it’s because I actually have the option of saying “No”. There aren’t too many things in a moms life that they can flat out say, nope, I’m not going to do it. Can I say, No, I’m not getting out of bed today to get the kids up & moving? Nope!...


Who Wants To Play The Blame Game?

It’s easy to blame our littles for being out of shape or that extra 10-20 lbs we’re carrying around.

We’re too busy to work out, or when we find the time, we’re too tired. I find myself constantly finishing food off my kids plate.

Food I don’t need to be eating, but hate to throw it away. Buying treats at the store “for the kids” but in the end, I’m the one eating them.

Whatever the excuse, it is most certainly their fault that we can’t get it together.

But what if we could make it their fault that we ARE in shape & feel BETTER than we did BEFORE they waltzed into our lives.

What if we could blame them for getting up and throwing on our tennis shoes, packing up the stroller, and heading out to meet a group full of mamas, all blaming their babes for very same thing?

Stroller Strides has got your name all over it, mama! Who knew, this group would allow me to blame my kids, not only for meeting a village of moms who build each other up, but burn a ton of calories while doing it.

It’s easy to...

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