Accountability.......My Archenemy

Accountability..... My Archenemy

Why is showing up is the hardest part? I always see inspirational quotes stating “You Never Regret A Workout” or something along those lines. And, I honestly can say that’s true, for me. But forcing myself to get to that workout, that’s a whole other story. I can come up with 8,000 excuses why I can’t or shouldn’t lace up my shoes. The kids are sleeping in, the roads look a little icy, that tickle in the back of my throat could be strep or pneumonia or the bubonic plague, for that matter. Seriously, the more excuses I come up with the more outlandish they become. And it’s the same story for any type of workout. Whether I have to get in the car & pack up the kids to get there or I just have to walk out my front door, leaving the kids behind, for a nice quiet run.

I’ve convinced myself that it’s because I actually have the option of saying “No”. There aren’t too many things in a moms life that they can flat out say, nope, I’m not going to do it. Can I say, No, I’m not getting out of bed today to get the kids up & moving? Nope! No, I’m not going to get breakfast going & lunches packed? Nope! No, I’m not going to make sure the kids get off to school? You get my point. But I can say, you know what, I’m not going to work out today! It’s a little control, in what often seems like an out of control life.

This is where Stroller Strides & Fit4Mom Dublin come into play and have changed a cycle of poor accountability. It’s so much more than a workout. It’s my therapy session. It’s my kids daily, play date. It’s turned into our morning routine, that if a day is missed, all of us are out of whack. The burning of calories, changing of the body & weight loss is just an added bonus!